• Imogen Bebb

Track of the Week 4: I Will Follow by U2

On this day in 2014, U2 released 'Songs Of Innocence', an album that almost immediately sparked uproar amongst iTunes users when they discovered that, on its release, it was automatically downloaded to their music library without their permission. However, whilst this week's track of the week is also by U2, it is taken from an album of theirs that is perhaps more fondly remembered- 'Boy', released 20th October 1980. The track in question, 'I Will Follow', is the first track on the LP, and kicks it off with a passionate vocal delivery on Bono's part, a dramatic guitar riff and thunderous drums, all of which still remain prominent in the band's music today. Whilst on its initial release in 1981 the track failed to make the UK charts, it reached a peak position of number 20 in the US billboard charts, and is the only song that the band have performed on every tour since they released their first album. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ N.B. U2's newest single 'You're the Best Thing About Me' was released 6th September 2017, and is also well worth a listen. To be honest, before today I had no idea they were still making music!

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