• Imogen Bebb

Single Review: 'Armchair Generals'/'No Justice'- She's Got Claws

TBR 30th November 2017 

Poignant yet boldly observant lyrics have been a theme of the music of She's Got Claws right from the very start. Aside from the use gritty, typically-late 1970s synths, they have become her trademark of sorts; shielding listeners from the facts of the modern world, and her opinion on them, is certainly not something you will find her doing. And with a single entitled 'Armchair Generals', taken from an album called 'War Torn', fans of She's Got Claws can trust that she will not be wavering from her original sound anytime soon. The track itself has an initially simple melody, but then rises into a pleading chorus that could quite easily be described as 'spine tingling'. The hefty electronic drums add to the overall feel- cleverly programmed to sound like gunfire- and the whole thing is sewn together into a fearless four minute package by those aforementioned politically-charged lyrics and the catchy vocal line. Overall, 'Armchair Generals' is an interesting track that not only rams home the selfish truths behind the motives of spectators of war, but does it in a way that will want to make you listen to it again and again. The other side of the release, 'No Justice', follows in a similar vein and packs an equal amount of punch. A combination of The Prodigy, Kraftwerk and the darker side of '90s Depeche Mode, the track is a wake-up call to those taken in by the supposed 'honesty' of modern-day politicians- 'you're looking at the TV/we're looking at you'. The double A-side of 'Armchair Generals'/'No Justice' by She's Got Claws is released 30th November, with the album 'War Torn' due for release in March 2018.

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