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Album Review- ‘The Punishment Of Luxury: B-sides And Bonus Material’ by OMD

Released 15th December 2017

Track Listing: 

1) Isotype (Single Mix)

2) Skin

3) The Punishment Of Luxury (Single Mix)

4) The Punishment Of Luxury (12” Extended Mix)

5) Lampe Licht 

6) The Punishment Of Luxury (Manhattan Clique Mix)

7) What Have We Done (Single Mix)

8) What Have We Done (12” Extended Mix)


10) What Have We Done (Chicky & Coco Remix)

OMD have really pushed the boat out with their latest album. Not only have they undertaken a long UK and European tour (with more two-man European shows and a twenty eight-date American and Canadian tour still to come), but there has also been non-stop promotion in the form of single releases, new music videos, television appearances, and a surprisingly hefty amount of radio play, all of which helped to push ‘The Punishment Of Luxury’ to the top of the UK Independent Album charts. 

This album- comprising of the b-sides of the singles released from ‘The Punishment Of Luxury’, as well as extended and exclusive remixes - is one of those continuing forms of promotion, presumably released to keep up the momentum of success that OMD have seen over the last few months. Although the majority of the tracks on this album are available on vinyl (as b-sides of the 12” single releases etc.), it is certainly a nice compilation for those who don’t necessarily want to splash out on expensive records, or for collectors who want to have the tracks all together on one release.

In terms of the music itself, although it is interesting to hear the “80s style” 12” remixes, the highlights of the album are most certainly the b-sides, in particular the futuristic ‘HAHAHA’ (b-side of ‘What Have We Done’) and the moody, brooding ‘Skin’ (b-side Of ‘Isotype’).

Overall, this is an interesting little release that confirms OMD’s ability to think outside the box in terms of new material. With rumours of exciting plans for their fortieth anniversary as a band in 2018 too, they are certainly seeing something of a revival at present. 

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