• Imogen Bebb

Single Review - ‘3am Tears’ by Rob Challis

Released 1st June 2018

As a singer/songwriter and pianist, it can be very easy to fall into the habit of writing clichéd, ‘cheesy’ pop songs with generic lyrics and very little substance. 

‘3am Tears’, however- the second independently-released single by Rob Challis- is a sparkling example of how a frank yet heartfelt ballad should really sound. The melody and lyrics are strong (the subject of the track being the relentless mental anguish the end of a relationship can often bring about), with the ‘you got me, you got me, you got me’ refrain within the chorus proving an undoubted earworm. The instrumentation used on the track also makes it stand out; whilst Challis is primarily a pianist, it’s the slinky guitars contrasting with the hard-hitting lyrics, and the occasional feather-light touch of orchestration that leaves the listener hooked on what they’ve heard. ‘3am Tears’ is also a fantastic showcase for Rob’s voice. For a fairly young performer, there is a lot of emotion behind his vocals, adding more charm to an incredibly well-written song. When speaking about the release, Challis himself said that he ‘feel[s] it represents [him and his material] well’, and that it’s definitely a ‘step in the right direction musically’ for him. A regular performer in the Worcestershire area, Rob’s next gigs include slots at Hopfest and Worcester Music Festival, and he is aiming to release an EP in the summer of this year. If you are a fan of John Legend, Norah Jones, or even Elton John, keep your eyes and ears peeled for more news from this talented young singer/songwriter- he is definitely going places!


This review can also be found in the June 2018 edition of ‘Slap Magazine’.



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