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SINGLE REVIEW: 'Sitting In The Dark' by Jay Dunn

October 6, 2019

 Premiered 1st October 2019 / Streaming 19th October 2019



Picture the scene: it's late in the evening. You're in a taxi on the way home, or perhaps on a train. You're at the stage of your day, or week, or month, or year, where nothing seems to be falling in your favour. Everything that can go wrong has done just that, and it feels as if the whole world is against you. You lean your head against the window pane (rain outside is optional, unless you're reading this from the UK in which case the rain is obligatory) and put your earphones in, searching for solace in the lyrics of a song.


But which song? Next time you're in that sort of a mood, or indeed any mood of the melancholic variety, try 'Sitting In The Dark', the lead single from singer-songwriter Jay Dunn's first EP 'Circle of Five'. Aside from contemplative lyrics that one might need to hear on such an occasion, it also has a gorgeous melody; lilting and sombre, but offset by just the right amount of delicate vocal delivery and harmonica to lift it out of the depths of complete despair. As the track progresses, warm guitar tones obviously influenced by the likes of REM, Tom Petty and Springsteen (Dunn is a self-professed American music-lover, though he himself hails from Manchester) continue to shine through, and though the track remains on a relatively similar level throughout it does not feel like it drags or becomes monotonous. 


According to Dunn's website, he has been working with producer Tony Long to 'bring his songs to life'- and if this sparkling first single is anything to go by then that is something that has certainly been achieved. It will be interesting to listen to the rest of the EP and hear what other musical roads Dunn and Long have ventured down- that of more songs for late night train journeys, perhaps?




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Jay's first solo project, the 'Circle of Five' EP will be released on 19th October 2019. To support the EP's release he will also be playing at HMV Bury as part of their 'Live and Local Series' on the same date- definitely one for the gig diary!


All photos from the official Jay Dunn Facebook page.


Please visit the artist's official website for more information about upcoming gigs, releases and more: https://www.jaydunnmusic.com






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